June 14, 2010

Theus joins brother with offer from Dawgs

Nathan Theus said he came to last weekend's Mark Richt Camp hoping to earn a scholarship as a long snapper to Georgia, although in his heart of hearts he didn't really know how possible it was.

He shouldn't have been concerned.

Monday, Bulldog offensive line coach Stacy Searels called the Bolles School product, telling him that he did indeed have an offer on the table.

"I'm just very excited, I'm thrilled," Theus said in a telephone interview with UGASports 10 minutes after he received the news. "But at the same time I was really surprised. Georgia already has great long-snapper in Ty Frix, so to get the offer that I did is really, really something."

Although Theus did not commit on the spot, the 2011 prospect sounded like someone who definitely has Georgia on his mind.

"Georgia is Georgia," Theus said. "Georgia is a top school, a leader at what they do the best at what they do. I plan to graduate and become a coach, a maybe even a youth pastor there's no other person someone like myself can follow than Mark Richt."

Theus may not be coming alone.

Saturday, younger brother John Theus - a top offensive line prospect for 2012 - received an offer from the Bulldogs as well, meaning the two brothers now have an opportunity to continue their careers at the same school.

"It's big, it's very exciting because we are a close family and we've always been extremely close to each other. He knows all about me and I know all about him," Nate Theus said. "It's just a thrill that we'll now have that chance."

The 6-foot-3, 255-pound Theus concedes he never thought he and his brother would get a chance to continue their careers at the same school.

"When we first started this process, I looked at him and said there are a lot more schools going to be interested in you than there will me, so I wanted him to go where he wanted to go," Theus said. "But when we started getting offers from the same schools, we said 'Why not? Let's keep it together. It's really big for him and it's really big for me as well."

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