October 26, 2011

Sooners Hold Current Lead for Elite Tackle

A question that often comes up when talking recruiting with the nation's truly elite prospects is 'how do you separate one elite program from another when on the surface they are so similar?'

When you talk about tradition rich football factories with monstrous stadiums, indoor facilities, world-class weight rooms and any number of impressive athletic facilities it's hard to differentiate one from the next. However, that's exactly what players like Zach Banner are charged with every year.

The 6-foot-9 and 310-pound offensive tackle from Lakewood (Wash.) Lakes has already made trips to Notre Dame, Oklahoma, and most recently Michigan. And though it's almost impossible for a talent like his to sneak in and out of Norman, Okla. that's exactly what has happened to elite national recruit Zach Banner. Since visiting for Oklahoma's 38-28 win over Missouri on Sept. 24 Banner hasn't spoken publicly about his time at Oklahoma, nor of his trip to Notre Dame last weekend.

The big offensive tackle also visited Michigan for the Wolverines incredible victory over Notre Dame on Sept. 10 but it seems that it was the effort of Bob Stoops that made Oklahoma feel different than his other two visits to date.

"I feel like coach Stoops, he definitely impressed me. He showed that he wanted me to be there. He showed me that, in a sense, he wants to have me there and let me play both," Banner said. "The thing, I mean the moment, that I knew he was real, he drove me and my parents over to the basketball offices in his car. For the head coach of one of the most elite football programs to do that, to take his own time to do that, that was the first step that any other coach did, no one had done anything like that before. That was part of me being not just on his team but showing he cares about me."

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