November 17, 2011

2013 back favors Dawgs

There seems to be something about Georgia that attracts premiere runningback recruits. Starting from the most recent Dawg is starting tailback Isaiah Crowell, and with names like Keith Marshall and Todd Gurley listing UGA in their short lists for 2012, and 2013 Yulee runningback Derrick Henry verbally committed, it seems the streak of top tier talent in the back field will continue.

Eagles Landing Christian 2013 running back Keyante Green could be another name to bolster the Dawgs run game. The 5-foot-9, 190-pound back was in Athens to watch the Dawgs blow out Auburn, and as it turns out, the Dawgs came out on top in more ways than one.

“(Georgia) is my number one,” Green said. “I’m very comfortable with Georgia’s program because I’ve been up there a lot and really just being with those coaches a lot and just building my relationship with them. Just getting to know a little more how the ways of coaching and to know how everything is on campus, see their coaching style and everything and how they do things at Georgia.”

Green said he has formed a very good relationship with coach Bryan McClendon, and was able to catch up with him at the game and get some advice.

“I was just talking with Bryan McClendon and he was just saying he was going to hang out with me later in the day, which we did,” Green said. “He was talking to me about my hip flexors, he was telling me that I really need to rest it and be 100 percent by the time I come back. He just gave me his advice on how to approach it when I come back and then stuff like how the season went, who I played and that stuff. He didn’t, like, just get right down to it, how I like Georgia, he just wanted to get to know more about me and everything.”

Green said he is feeling “a whole lot better,” and thinks he might be able to play in this week’s playoff game, but said he now will not try to push it.

Other people Green said he enjoyed catching up with is the tight-knit group of recruits, particularly some of the Dawg commits

“It was a lot of fun hanging out with some of the recruits, I already know a lot of them, and it was fun getting to hang out with a lot of the commits. I got to talk with the other recruits at halftime, just see how they are, how things are going with them, how they are enjoying the game. It was really a lot of fun,” Green said. “I talked with some of them, had a lot of fun with some of the commits that are committed to Georgia. I know Blake Tibbs because one of my old coaches is Blake Tibbs’ trainer, and we are very close by him. And (Stanley Williams), I talk to him a lot. He used to go to Apalachee but now he goes to George Washington so we might be able to play him now that he’s transferred, so I was just talking with him.”

The atmosphere in Sanford and the post game celebrations stuck out to Green as memorable moments from the day.

“Just the fans. The fans are a whole lot louder than I expected. It was as loud as the LSU-Alabama game I went to, so that, that is what surprised me,” Green said. “And just talking to some of the players after the game, seeing how it is there and how they are. Alec Ogletree was just talking to all of us, he was like, ‘After that game, I know all of you want to come here.’”

Green said he isn’t sure if he’d be able to make it to UGA’s final game in Sanford against Kentucky, but said he would for sure be at Georgia Tech when the Dawgs head into Atlanta.

As for his timeline for commitment, he said it hasn’t really changed.

“I’ve been thinking about waiting it out and seeing what happens. It’s either toward the summer, when I’m turning a senior, or officially a senior,” Green said. “Or I’ll just wait till December or January.”

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