December 23, 2011

Jenkins sets decision date

Rivals100 defensive end Jordan Jenkins is nearing the end of the recruiting process. He's narrowed his list down to four schools, and he's ready to make a decision.

"He's got it narrowed down to Alabama, Auburn, Florida and Georgia," said Ronald Jenkins, Jordan's father. "He may do a little tweaking over the next week or so, but he's about ready to finish the process. He's looking forward to finding a home and moving on from there."

Jenkins was originally planning to announce his decision at the Under Armour All-America Game on Jan. 5 in Florida, but he's now pushed it back to Jan. 9 where he can do it in his hometown of Hamilton, Ga.

"He was going to announce at the Under Armour game, but a better announcement situation came up for him," the elder Jenkins said. "At Under Armour, they put you on for a few seconds, and he would've been done. Now, we have a different type of announcement where he can sit there, be interviewed and talk more about how he feels."

At this point, the four-star knows what each of his finalists has to offer. He's visited each school multiple times during the season, and all four coaching staffs came to visit him during the open period earlier this month.

Still, a few factors stand out that he's using to differentiate his choices.

"He's definitely looking at his relationship with the coaches," Jenkins said. "He's also looking at his relationship with players. He's looking at locations. He's narrowed it down to more of a small college town. That's how he likes it because he's kind of a quiet guy.

"He's looking also at the opportunity to find a way to hit the field as early as possible. He understands that it's going to take work. No matter where he goes, he's going to have to put a lot of work in, but he's ready to compete."

Jenkins' father talked about the four finalists and what specifically his son likes about each school.

Alabama: "Alabama is a program with tradition. He gets along with the coaching staff. He likes the coaching staff up there. He's got an ex-teammate who plays there in LaMichael Fanning, and he enjoys Tuscaloosa. It's got that small-town feel that he enjoys.

Auburn: Auburn is another school with a small-town feel. He's enjoyed going up there and watching games at their stadium. It's close to home. He likes Coach (Mike) Pelton. We like Gene Chizik as well.

Florida: Florida has a good engineering program. They also have history with their football program. Going through the coaching change, he initially had to warm up to the new coaches. He liked Urban Meyer when Urban Meyer was there, and he had to make adjustments with the staff changing. He likes the location and the campus as well.

Georgia: We like Coach (Todd) Grantham a lot. He's the ultimate teacher. He teaches the game and has a lot of passion. We like Coach Richt as well. We know he's a good guy. Jordan's enjoyed himself up there as of late, and he's built a relationship with a couple players up there."

For now, Jenkins is looking forward to getting down to Orlando where he can start working out for the Under Armour game. That may be the last chance anybody has to influence his decision as all four schools will be represented with committed players, playing in the game.

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