CardinalSports - ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips talks at 2021 ACC Media Days
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ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips talks at 2021 ACC Media Days

Jim Phillips at ACC Media Days in Charlotte.
Jim Phillips at ACC Media Days in Charlotte. (Jim Dedmon/USAToday)

New ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips took to the podium for the first time at Media Days as the head of the conference.

Here are a few key quotes from what Phillips said to the ACC media to kick off the conference's roundtable in Charlotte.

Phillips on the league's teams getting vaccinated:

We had a chance to get with our athletic directors yesterday. We have over half of our group above that 85% threshold with several others on the cusp. We all feel like that's a reasonable target across the ACC. So those are the numbers as of yesterday.

Phillips on the future of the NCAA:

So, I would say this. This is the right time to have a complete holistic review of the NCAA, leadership, structure, what do we want to do moving forward.

There's been so many things that have happened in our space here that the timing is right. No predetermined outcomes. Let's take a look.

When I look at what we really are super reliant on from an Indianapolis perspective, governance, what is the governance structure, do we have the right governance structure, one size fits all. Is the council working. They're working incredibly hard, but is that the right structure?

Phillips on the transfer portal:

It's like a game of musical chairs. That's what worries me, the music stops, there's not enough chairs, seats, scholarships for those in the transfer portal.

But the freedom of movement won out on that decision. I completely agree with that. I know as a former coach really early in my career how difficult that can be when it comes to rosters, when it comes to roster management, maybe life lessons, when things get tough, you can't just bounce out and go somewhere else.

Phillips on expanding the College Football Playoff:

I don't want anybody to foreclose either good or bad on the playoff. We're still learning about the playoff. The football coaches today are going to get to CFP presentation. They may feel the exact same way. I respect Mack (Brown) and Dabo (Swinney). Those are two of our tremendous coaches. They have incredible experience.

When I finished up in Dallas at the end of June on a Tuesday, we had CFP meetings Monday and Tuesday, it was brought out that the 12-team playoff was recommended by the board. I had a Wednesday like noon call with our head football coaches. I asked them to do a few things: Get together and talk about it and discuss how they feel about it, to your point about too many games, length of season, healthy and safety issues, what does it do to the regular season, all of those things. But as importantly, talk to the student-athletes, get a feel and read.