Bourbon maker honors Louisville AD

Maker's Mark, the venerable bourbon maker, is honoring Louisville Vice President and Athletic Direct Tom Jurich with a commemorative bottle with his image and the new ACC logo on the front of it.
Photo of the new @MakersMark bottle featuring AD Tom Jurich will benefit UofL's Academic Center of Excellence. #L1C4— Nick Stover (@ULFlyingCard) July 22, 2014
The bottle, which will go on sale Friday, was produced in a batch of 8,500 available. It is the third in a series of Louisville-themed bottles that will help the niversity of Louisville build a new academic center on the south end of its football stadium.
Rob Samuels of Maker's Mark expects sales of the Jurich bottle to be brisk.
"The last two sold out within minutes so I would recommend our fans get there before the stores open," Samuels said.
There will be 8,500 ACC/Jurich commemorative bottles on sale Friday. The other designs sold out within minutes.— Howie Lindsey (@howielindsey) July 22, 2014
This new bottle will sell out Friday MT @ULFlyingCard: First photo of the three bottles side by side. #L1C4 #CAF— Howie Lindsey (@howielindsey) July 22, 2014