Coffee: Lets let The Wave die during games

There's a lot of controversy about where and when "The Wave" started at athletic events. Did it start in Britain at a soccer game? Or did it start in Mexico also at a soccer game?
Although many take credit for starting "The Wave" evidence seems to support the claim by professional (?) cheerleader Krazy George Henderson that he started it at an Oakland A's game in 1981.
Krazy George spread "The Wave" throughout the West Coast as he practiced his cheerleading profession at colleges and pro sports venues. George's only prop was a snare drum and a gravelly voice. Since I had never heard of Krazy George before researching this article, he most likely didn't make it too far east.
My memory of sporting event entertainers includes the San Diego Chicken, Myron Noodleman, the Zooperstars and Max Patkin... and that's about it.
I've got to hand it to Krazy George; it surely wasn't easy trying to get a stadium full of fans to perform "The Wave" without some kind of training. My understanding is that it all came about by accident while another cheer was occurring.
With a little coaxing Krazy finally got the fans to understand the concept and "The Wave" was born.
In my opinion, that's too bad. Don't get me wrong I don't mind "The Wave" at a baseball game between innings when there is no action on the field but that's about it. I could even take "The Wave" during a stop in the action during a football game, but, while play is going on, I am not a fan of it.
When "The Wave" occurs at Louisville games I always wonder how and by whom did it start? Did they know there was a game going on? Did they get jealous that the attention wasn't on them so a few people decided to start some action in the stands?
One place "The Wave" isn't appropriate is during a basketball game. During halftime or a timeout I could probably stomach the behavior, but while the action is going on, I just shake my head at the inconsiderateness of the action in the stands.
How do you think the players feel? They thought the fans came to see them. Last week at a Cardinal home game the fans were doing "The Wave" while a Louisville player was shooting foul shots.
I noticed several players looking up in the stand in befuddlement. Coach Pitino even gestured with his hands to stop the idiocy. I am amazed that people will do things without thinking and that has to be the case with the Cardinal fans participating in the "The Wave" at that moment. Whoever started "The Wave" during on-court action should be ashamed. I guarantee you no former basketball players from high school or college were taking part.
Since I was watching the game on TV, I was extremely embarrassed for UofL. How do you think potential recruits feel when they see the fans doing "The Wave" while a player is shooting foul shots? Cardinal fans are supposed to be sophisticated. We know basketball and have empathy with the players. Don't we?
Please do coach Pitino, the players and, I'm sure, many others a favor, please don't take part in "The Wave" while there is action on the court (or the field).