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FedEx threw away Russ Smiths jersey

Louisville guard Russ Smith will have his jersey honored one day in the rafters at the University of Louisville, but his jersey was recently thrown away by shipping giant FedEx according to Smith.
Check out this string of tweets from Smith today:
I want to personally thank Fed Ex for deliberately throwing away my National Championship Jersey & compensating it by saying "Sorry".— Russ Smith (@Russdiculous_2) May 9, 2014
Thanks Fed Ex I trusted you with all my hard work and effort I put into that jersey only for you to throw it away.— Russ Smith (@Russdiculous_2) May 10, 2014
Words really can't explain how upset I am. Billion dollar company, they throw away something I worked hard in & they only say "sorry".— Russ Smith (@Russdiculous_2) May 10, 2014
Like I said life isn't fair. Sometimes people n major corporations take for granted how much the little things mean and only say "sorry".— Russ Smith (@Russdiculous_2) May 10, 2014