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Staff Predictions: Louisville at Notre Dame

Ty Spalding

Louisville is 1-3, and is staring 1-4 right in the face. Have the players checked out? Can the coaching staff rally the troops? We will find that our very shortly, and that will determine how this game goes. If Louisville gets off to a decent start, and has one last "hoorah" in them, I think this game can be somewhat competitive. If things go sideways early on, this one could get ugly.

Do we see a youth movement? Do we see any adjustments in the base defense? I think the answer is yes to both. You don't have anything to lose at this point. Take chances, take gambles, open up the playbook, and see what happens.

Louisville puts together a couple of solid quarters, but runs out of steam. Notre Dame wins, 41-24.

Chris Person

Up to this point I have picked Louisville to win in all four games so why not just continue this week? Louisville has the potential to be a potent offense and there is some young talent on defense. I think that Cunningham will also start settling down and get his 2019 rhythm back that propelled him into some sleeper top of the ACC conversations. Atwell and Hawkins just need a small crease and Louisville’s offense could put up quite a few points in a hurry. Not to mention who has Notre Dame even beat that is halfway decent?

Ok, enough with the charades. No, I’m not picking Louisville to win this game as much as I’d love to. While everything in that first paragraph I believe to be true (for the most part) Louisville isn’t a very good football team right now. There are inconsistencies at pretty much every position (minus Javian Hawkins at running back) and frankly I’m hoping we see some new faces Saturday and some different looks to try and spark some life into this team. I’m not ready to give up hope that Louisville can’t turn things around this year, but it would take a miracle for that to happen against Notre Dame. Irish win 42-28.

Travis Graf

While I don’t expect the Cards to lay down just yet, I think that this one could up as a very ugly outcome if Louisville comes out to a sluggish start. They must score early and keep it within striking distance at halftime. Louisville needs big chunk plays on offense and must chance up their approach to keep Notre Dame on their toes. The Irish have the advantage on both offense and defense. Louisville has to win the turnover battle to come out of this one victorious. However, I think Notre Dame wins pretty convincingly, 38-17.

Nick Sorrell

Well, boys and girls, we might be in for a long one this Saturday. Last season’s match up between the two programs was closer than the score may indicate. This year we may not be as fortunate. Notre Dame enters the game sporting one of the most complete teams in the ACC — with a defense only allowing 13 PPG and an offense racking up 43 points per contest. For Louisville to win they need to play a flawless game. Which, well, would be a first this season. Nickstradamus says Norte Dame wins 42-20. Sad.