Cardinal Quotes: Brian Brohm

LOUISVILLE, KY: Ho-hum. Just another 300-yard passing game for Louisville's Brian Brohm. The sophomore gunslinger from the Derby City continues to display amazing accuracy and efficiency in Bobby Petrino's offense, going 22-30 for 315 yards and three touchdowns as the Cardinals lanced the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, 56-5. was there after the game to bring you Brohm's post-game comments...
Brian Brohm
Did you think it was going to be a long night after that first series?
"We had a few breakdowns. We were backed up. That's not how we wanted to start our offensively but I think we regrouped and got back together and we didn't let that bother us."
On home field advantage:
"We love playing here. The fans are great. They were extremely loud tonight for the defense, and the defense did a great job. My hat's off to them. They did a great job tonight and kept us in the ballgame the first half. Just playing in front of these fans gets us all fired up."
Did you think coming in Joshua Tinch may have a night like he had?
"Going into games we're not real sure who's going to break out. Josh is very consistent. He's probably the most consistent receiver we have, game in and game out. He finally broke out today and got a lot of yards and had a nice day."
On playing without Michael Bush, is there an adjustment?
"It's a little bit. Those guys bring some different things to the table. They're a little more speed, they run the ball. Some of the things protection-wise Mike's so good at, they've had to pick those things up this week."
Does it get kind of easy to score when this offense gets on a roll?
"Their defense actually played pretty well their first half and we just didn't get into a good rhythm. In the second half we got into a good rhythm, got in and out of the huddle quick and made a lot of big plays. I think when we get into a rhythm we difficult to stop."
Coach said you get taken for granted because you're so consistent. Do you ever feel that way, like people expect you to be perfect?
"That's just what I expect for myself and I want to do what coach expects me to do. If I make a bad throw here and there that's not what I expect from myself. I expect them to get on me for that, or for missing reads, or anything like that. But you just move onto the next play and keep working."
On the 70 percent completion rate:
"You don't look at the stat sheet as much as you watch film and see what you could have done better, what throws you could have made better here and there. It's basically watching the film. You don't really look at the stat sheet to judge how you play."
On Tinch's leadership:
"He's a great leader for our team. He gets everybody fired up. He's always the guy pumping people up, getting them excited, making sure they're pumped up and ready to play the game. He's a great asset to our offense and our entire team."
You threw in a guy like George Bussey on the o-line tonight and don't miss a beat...
"Exactly. I think we're very deep at a lot of positions. George came in and did a great job for us tonight. We've been working him in there because we knew Darveau's ankly may not be at 100 percent so we knew he might get some action."
On missing Michael:
"Around here everybody just picks it up when somebody's not able to play. We knew that Kolby and Stripling would step it up and take the place of Mike."
Do they need to put a sign up saying 'don't stomp on the bird?'
"Yeah. They probably should post something like that. It was talked about so much last year I think most teams should know that by now."
Do you give the Big East teams a free pass?
"Yeah, maybe they don't know yet. So they'll learn here."