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Jeff Ruby bans unruly UK fan from his restaurants

After Friday night's Louisville vs. Kentucky Sweet 16 game in Indianapolis, Restaurateur Jeff Ruby deemed one Kentucky fan's behavior so abhorrent that the fan is now banned from his restaurants.
Ur now OJ'ed @TheRealJeffRuby restaurants including Lexington(soon) 4doing this 2JoAnn Pitino.1 word for U: therapy! pic.twitter.com/UMPIgpCeYo- Jeff Ruby (@TheRealJeffRuby) March 29, 2014
Refusing service to people isn't a first for Ruby. He made national headlines in 2007 when he refused to serve O.J. Simpson at his Louisville steakhouse during Derby.
In 2007, Ruby told Fox News he "didn't want to serve him because of my convictions of what he's done to those families. The way he continues to torture the lives of those families ... with his behavior, attitude and conduct."
When challenged about his tweet, Ruby claimed to know who the offending was, and he made sure his managers would know him as well.
@ChadMKiser of course I know who he is.Our staff in two states does.Not making it public. He's been notified tho See ya hater!- Jeff Ruby (@TheRealJeffRuby) March 30, 2014