NCAA pay for players Strong says yes

Louisville coach Charlie Strong was asked for his thoughts on players possibly getting a percentage of the money from jersey and gear sales as a benefit beyond their scholarship.
The Cardinals' coach not only agreed that players should be paid, he said coaches are currently overpaid.
We asked fans what they thought on Twitter. Fans - and several local media members - responded.
@howielindsey Absolutely!!! I have thought so for over 15 years. They should get a percentage of their coaches shoe contracts too.- Tony Cruise (@Tony84Cruise) August 7, 2013
@howielindsey too problematic and opens Pandora's box for even more corruption.- Darin Cain (@DarinCain) August 7, 2013
@howielindsey I agree. The #NCAA has been making millions off these kids for years. Some of them could use the money to help their families.- Sports Talker (@KentuckianaCT) August 7, 2013
@howielindsey I'll say this much, it's kind of insane that players are the only ones NOT making money off jersey sales.- Rachel (@snicklefritz35) August 7, 2013
@howielindsey only if all players at all schools were paid same amount so recruiting doesn't get more corrupt than it already is- Jeff (@Team_Cards) August 7, 2013
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