Petrino updates Brohms status

While Cardinal fans, football players and coaches have been waiting on pins and needles to hear news about injured star quarterback Brian Brohm, the official news may have to wait just a while longer. Louisville coach Bobby Petrino told local media his star player's full status wouldn't be known until later today or tomorrow morning.
After accepting a bid to the Toyota Gator Bowl Monday afternoon, Petrino met with local reporters who asked about Brohm's status. Petrino said the program would release something official on Brohm's status either later Monday or possibly even Tuesday morning.
Although several sources are claiming Brohm will be out until after spring practice with a major injury, even specifying a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), Petrino re-iterated what he had said earlier in the day. During Monday's Big East Conference Football Coaches' Teleconference at noon, Petrino said Brohm was undergoing the MRI procedure as they spoke and that the team likely wouldn't know anything until late afternoon or even early Tuesday.
Louisville lost Brohm with 5:20 remaining in the third quarter of the 41-17 win over Syracuse. Flushed out of the pocket and forced to scramble on a third-and-eight from his own 21-yard line, Brohm headed for the right sideline near the Louisville bench.
But before he got there he was tackled by linebacker Kellen Pruitt.
Brohm immediately grabbed for his knee and began rolling on the field in pain. Team doctors quickly rushed from the Louisville sideline and helped the injured star off the field, quickly assessing his knee before packing ice around the injury and sending him into the training room.
After the game, Petrino looked as much like a concerned parent as a head football coach.
"We're certainly worried about Brian," Petrino said. "He was in obvious pain. After the MRI we'll have a better idea of what we're dealing with. I was watching the protection and we missed a line game. Brian had to move to the right and he looked at the (yardage) sticks and I'm sure he thought, 'Hey, I can go get the first down.' Someone told me it was that horse collar they outlawed in the NFL was how they tackled him but I did not see that."
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