CardinalSports - Press Conference Notes - Chris Mack talks video, Notre Dame & more:
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Press Conference Notes - Chris Mack talks video, Notre Dame & more:

Mack on the video:

Mack started his press conference addressing the video that was leaked over the weekend.

On the context, Mack says it was a family Christmas party and "a few neighbors walked over" who are 'good friends' with Kenny Payne.

"It was a private video, a joke amongst buddies."

Mack then admitted with the position he's in, he has to do right by his players.

"Covid. We've had to do everything under the sun. We've had to sacrifice. When people come over to my house, I'm probably a violator not putting my mask on."

Mack on how his team handled the loss:

"We've only had one practice. I really liked the response from our guys. I thought our response yesterday was a really good one. If the practice I'm getting ready to walk into was anything like yesterday's were going to get better. I really liked our response yesterday."

Mack on the availability of Dre Davis and Josh Nickelberry:

On Davis:

"He looks fine. He had full range of motion. He went through yesterday's practice without any interruptions. Dre's a very tough kid. He bounced back."

On Nickelberry:

Mack says Nickelberry won't be back for Notre Dame, citing a sickness.

"He's tested negative a fe days in a row now. He's just sick. They're doing strep tests and flu tests to see what's going on. It's not COVID, he just doesn't feel well."

Mack on Malik Williams:

"I thought we would get him on the floor. It could've been Syracuse. He hasn't had any setbacks. His conditioning needs to get back. His timing certainly has to get back."

Mack does think Williams can have an impact moving forward:

"We're hoping he can be a big part of this team down the stretch."

Is there a chance Malik Williams will be back next year?

"We would love to have Malik back. He and I have talked about that. We'll work through that when the times comes."