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Recruits asking Strong about Big East future

Louisville coach Charlie Strong'sd coaching staff was out recruiting last weekend in locales throughout the Southeast, but there was one common question from recruits: "What league are you going to be in?"
"That's a tough question, you know, because that's all they're asking everywhere you go," Strong said. "That's the big question with all the recruits -- they want to know where you stand with the conference, what conference are you going to be in. That's the thing. If someone wants to attack you in recruiting, that's how they attack you -- with the conference."
Strong said he is as upfront with the recruits as he can be.
"I just say, 'Right now we're in the Big East, and we're going to be in the Big East, so that's where you're going to end up playing if you come here. And we are going to get the teams we need to make it a competitive league."
Strong's Cardinals could be playing in the Big12 or some other conference in the coming years. Or, they could be in a revamped Big East. Regardless, the Cardinals will be in a BCS automatic qualifying (AQ) league until at least 2014.
Strong says no matter what happens, Louisville should be in a BCS AQ league going forward.
"It's so important (to be in a BCS league) because you know if you win the league you have a chance to get to a BCS bowl," Strong said. "That's all they want to hear, do you still have your BCS? Because that is most important."
Strong said he places his confidence in the UofL administration to work out the details of Louisville's conference affiliation.
"We have the right facilities here, everything we need to be competitive wherever we go," Strong said. "I'm not worried because I think our president (James Ramsey) and Tom (athletic director Tom Jurich) will put us in the right position."