Thingstads Journal: Entry One

Louisville commit Troy Thingstad gives our readers a first person look at his senior season, recruitment, and more. Thingstad will write a journal entry every month, exclusively for
The offseason is the thing that is going to set you apart from everyone else. You outwork everyone, three workouts a day, and three times a week. I saw a speed coach name John Shaw a former D1 athlete. Then I worked with Lyle Henley who is head of combine training at D1 training and therapy. Lyle is one of the most elite trainers in the nation. The time I spend with him - my productivity went through the roof.
Being a senior is different on a team ranked number one in the state of Alabama in class 5A. Everyone is watching you and the other 12 seniors on the team; the year, the legacy, and the traditions are on the seniors. My Head Coach Steve Mask told us, "Do you want to be a paper champion or the real thing." That's how you deal with being number one you own it and you out work the competition. However, whoever told me "when you become a senior things fly by" is crazy I've felt every second. You look at everything like it's the last chance and it is, so you work yourself till you`re sure of it. You leave no doubt. The seniors and I are going to uphold the longest standing tradition at St. Paul's this season being champions. I will be starting on both sides of the ball as it stands now a week and a half away from our first game. Our first game is against guys I use to play with in middle school. Some I've even coached when I volunteer at my old middle school. This win is a must like any other game; however, this is a bit more personal.
My relationship with Louisville is great. Coach Buckley keeps me informed and involved as much as I can be with the team. I am unable to stop thinking about Louisville, it's fun just thinking about being able to work for Coach Petrino and the offensive staff. Being a recruit is fun but at the same time it's a responsibility everyone is watching what you say and due. I wouldn't give any of it up for the world. I want to earn my way in the program and work hard.
My recruiting is still going. When I committed, the MSU bulldogs were very interested but I was honest with them that I was sticking with my future team. The Missouri Tigers offered me a few weeks ago my Head Coach told me it was another SEC school which is a huge compliment. It never made me think twice. I'm grateful, but Louisville is my home. I still get letters and messages; however, I pay no attention to them. Also Memphis offered the day after I committed and Georgia Tech offered the week before. I made it a point to call schools that offered me when I committed to thank them.