Who do Louisville fans not want to see

[View the story "Dangerous Tournament Teams" on Storify]Dangerous Tournament TeamsLouisville moved up to No. 6/8 in this week's national polls. With two weeks left before the start of the NCAA Tournament, Louisville fans sound off on which teams they don't want to see in their tournament bracket.
Storified by Howie Lindsey· Mon, Mar 04 2013 11:48:22Two weeks away from the Big Dance, which teams do you NOT want to see in Louisville's bracket? I'll start - Michigan #UofLHowie LindseyQuite a few Louisville fans picked Indiana as the one team they don't want to face.Tom CreanIndiana Public Media@howielindsey IU #UofLRhonda Gilliland@howielindsey Come on, baby! Show the Hoosiers some love!danvonderheide@howielindsey only team I don't want in our bracket is IU.Bryan Thomas@howielindsey Indiana and FloridaKevin Skaggs@superpeen45 @howielindsey Syracuse and indianaSteve Cleve@howielindsey Miami and IndianaDominic Ruiz@howielindsey I would love to play Michigan and gonzaga! Florida and iu are only two teams whose offense worries me.Scotishchinaman@howielindsey Syracuse and that damn zone!DeShawn HayesFlorida, Syracuse and Miami have been popular picks, but here are some others. @howielindsey UCLA. A lot of talent on that team. If they put it all together they can make a deep run.Drew Esarey@howielindsey MSUNd23@howielindsey don't wanna see IU or Syracuse. That's it. Would love Michigan or Kansas. Both make terrible decisions down the stretch.Greg Novak@howielindsey Michigan StateTom Chase@howielindsey Izzo's. We beat him last year but his teams always seem to kick it up a notch in a bracket.Jeremy CaysTom Izzo - TEDx LansingDaniel J. Hogan@howielindsey michigan!Jesse Cain@howielindsey VCU. #LouisvilleTim RoySome fans said they don't fear any team in the tournament. What they fear is their own team not playing up to standard. @howielindsey I don't want to see the Louisville team that lost to Nova. Only team that can beat the Ville is themselvesDamon Stinson@howielindsey Don't care. Not worried Howie.patrick katchakDon't care. Bring em all on! "@howielindsey: Two weeks away from the Big Dance, which teams do you NOT want to see in Louisville's bracket?"Tig ReynoldsOther fans picked teams that are not on the Final Four radar, but could be trouble for Louisville because of style of play. @howielindsey Would prefer to avoid slow down teams, no matter who they are.CrumsRevenge@howielindsey Saint Louis and VCUNathan Snyder@howielindsey St. Louiseric mcglincy@howielindsey Iowa state.Parker Carter@howielindsey Maybe an off the radar team - Wisconsin. #UofL could struggle with that deliberate pace and struggle to force turnoversRyan Maynard